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Federation of Abbey Schools


Forest School

Every Wednesday afternoon for PPA cover, one of the 3 year 6 classes go outdoors in the school’s designated forest school area or the school’s grounds. Initially, the area was explored by the children and then they planned the type of activities they would like to participate in during the year. The children have been watching the new outdoor classroom being built and are looking forward to easy access to the forest school area. Furthermore, the children discussed the impact of the building construction behind our school who unfortunately chopped down some of our trees without permission.

“My favourite activity is definitely outdoor classroom because you get to be outside with your friends and you get to have more freedom whilst learning cool new skills.” Freya

“I love being outside during outdoor classroom and I wish we did it more! It’s disappointing when it’s bad weather.” Isabelle


Activities we take part in

"It’s not a stick, it’s a …….” - 

“We played “It’s not a stick, it’s a ….” This helped develop our imagination whilst having fun. It was also an opportunity to explore the forest school area with our friends.” Naomi

Spider Webs -

“In this activity we were in groups to try and create spider webs out of wool. Working hard, our teamwork was improving. We had to find a good sturdy tree and attached a stick to it. After we wound the wool around a few other trees close by in the shape of a spider’s web. At the end we all went round each group and Mrs Bennett threw a ball of leaves into it to see if the web could hold them. Despite having a really fun time making them; it was time to dismantle them.” Katie

“In outdoor classroom we made spiders webs out of wool in the forest school area. We chose a forked tree and wrapped the wool around in a web like pattern. Once completed, we threw sticks and leaves on the webs to see which ones would catch items. Afterwards, we talked about which webs could catch the flies for the spiders to eat.” Freya

“Creating spider webs allowed us to imagine that we were spiders catching its prey. Our team work skills were improved whilst making our webs.” Freddie

Nature Sculptures -

“We made some art / nature sculptures using leaves, sticks and other nature items that were found on the floor of the school grounds. My group made a big snail and a small snail. It was lots of fun and it helped us develop our imagination. Afterwards, we scattered all the sticks and leaves so that our forest schools area looked as though we were never there.” Sam

Bow and Arrows -

“During our bow and arrows session, we used sticks, string and vegetable peelers (for sharpening our arrow). Doing this activity helped me develop my teamwork skills because when others were tying their bow string they needed an extra pair of hands to help tie it and use the correct type of knots. This activity taught us how to use nature and how to keep safe using vegetable peelers.” Lana

“We made bow and arrows by collecting sticks and tying string at both ends and using another stick which we sharpened. To get the sticks we didn’t pull them off trees but found them on the floor as we have learnt to respect the nature in our school grounds. At the end of the session we had a competition to see whose bow and arrow fired the furthest.” Honey

Nesting Towers -

“In our groups, we were set the challenge of creating the tallest nesting tower to hold an egg from its highest point. We used sticks and leaves and the structure had to be free standing. It made me think of how we could build a structure if we were in the wilderness and how teamwork skills are important.” Ruben

Activity: Constructing Fairy/ Hobbit mini homes -

“My group made a mini hobbit hole. This meant I could use my imagination to create a magical hobbit hole. We had to work as a team to dig some mud and mould it around a cup so that it made a mini hill. Other natural materials were collected for more decoration.” Toby

“It was really fun as we got to make our own fairy/animal house. I always look forward to outdoor classroom because we get the opportunity to do things we wouldn’t normally do in the classroom.” Scarlett

“Making a hobbit house was fun. Our group made a house which had a garage. We used our imagination and decided which natural materials to use. Overall, ‘Outdoor Classroom’ is fun and enjoyable. My favourite activity was ‘Harry Potter’ when we had a few minutes of free time. We played with sticks, using our imagination to pretend they were broomsticks and wands. It was fun.” Joe